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Online Video Dominant Video Application Among Professionals

21 Jan

Article in Broadcast Beat Magazine


Recent Research by SCRI Declares Online Video Dominant Video Application Among Professionals

Recent research performed by SCRI International has discovered that online video has now become leading video application among video professionals. The research was performed in conjunction with Broadcast Beat magazine through an annual survey.

Since 1984, SCRI International, Inc., based in Florida, has been publishing annual syndicated and customized market research reports covering broadcast and professional video for equipment manufacturers, investment firms, trade magazines & associations, and other industry analysts, including the US. Department of Commerce.

For more than thirty years, SCRI has been conducting industry surveys and producing reports on the broadcast and non-broadcast, pro video and digital content creations sectors in both multi-client, off-the-shelf, and single client customized format.

SCRI Reports have been used by over 2,000 clients in the industry, including all of the major players, as well as the U.S. Department of Commerce. SCRI data has been quoted in many trade press and general news articles, including the New York Times.

SCRI offers two types of off-the-shelf reports:

 Global Niche Vertical Market & Technology Reports – detailed reports on niche market and key technologies facing the industry. List of reports and links to table of contents & pricing in table below.

US Broadcast Pro Video Product Reports – tracks market size (units & dollars), vertical market analysis, growth patterns, forecasts, brand shares and analysis of major models for over 20 product types.


According to an annual tracking survey among Broadcast Beat subscribers and social media (Facebook and Twitter) followers, online video is now the number one video application across the board of vertical user markets. Online video was ranked first among 19 applications with 48.9% of all respondents. In addition, “online webisonic content” garnered an additional 24.6%. So, when taken together, around seven out of ten facilities are engaged in online video.

Industrials (corporate video), which used to rank first for years (according to SCRI tracking surveys from 1984 until recently), now ranks second with 40.5%, along with television (40.5%). In addition, training videos (39.4%), documentaries (38.7%), special event content (34.5%), and music videos (30.6%) are all key pro video apps.


The survey was global with most respondents (76%) based in the US. Other regions included Canada (5%), Europe (12.6%), Asia / Pacific/Australia, and South America (1%) as well as the Middle East/Africa (1.3%).

Video Production/Post is the primary industry type (59%) along with film production / post (28.6%). Almost nine out of ten facilities are involved in video / film production / post. Other key industry types include: broadcast TV (35.6%), media (31.7%), advertising (32.4%) and corporate/industrial video (33.8%). Of note is the emergence of home-based digital media production in the pro arena coming in at 27.6%. Of interest is the emerging democratization of the pro video industry with over half (55.6%) of all facilities are in the small (1-10 people) category.

In terms of each of 18 industry websites pre-listed, more video pros reported visiting Broadcast Beat Magazine than any other (80.1%).  Creative Cow was ranked next (69%), followed by MacProvideo(66.7%), DigitalProductionBuzz (64.4%), and Lynda.com (64.3%) rounding out the top five.

The survey data is based on 302 qualified respondents, yielding a potential margin of error at the 95% probability level (in 95 cases out of 100) of between 1.9% – 5.8%. Data also includes a host of technology trend issues as well as brand shares for key product types.

Which Products Top The List for Purchase in 2014?

20 May

SCRI’s 2013-14 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace Annual Tracking Survey (since 1984) shows that Video Storage and Video Servers are the top two product type being considered for purchase in 2014, followed by Cameras. Lighting Equipment, and Switchers, rounding out the top five.

Cautious Optimism for 2013 Broadcast Pro Video Sectors

2 Apr

SCRI has been tracking expectations among broadcast, pro video and digital cinema and content providers regarding business conditions and equipment budgets for 2013 – SCRI 2013 Broadcast, Pro Video, Digital Cinema, Digital Content Market & Product Reports. The general consensus is one of cautious optimism for improved business conditions as well as increased equipment budgets.  Read article for survey data. […]

Harris Sells Broadcast Division to Industry Outsider

6 Dec

Harris has finally pulled the plug on all it’s years as one of the broadcast industry stalwarts for decades by selling its Broadcast Division to the Gores Group, a broadcast industry outsider and LA-based “private equity firm specializing in acquiring and partnering with businesses that can benefit from our operational expertise and flexible capital base”. Gore does have  Telecom technology firm Powerwave, a manufacturer of wireless telecom products in their portfolio


New Reports! Digital Content, Digital Cinema, Broadcast Industry, Product Reports.

4 Dec

SCRI is currently working on over 30 Reports for December 2012 & early 2013. Here is a summary:

  1. Digital Content Survey & Report with Pro Video Coalition
  2. Film/Video Production/Post with Digital Film Society
  3. Broadcast Industry Trends Study with Broadcast Engineering Magazine
  4. 2013-2014 Broadcast Pro Video Product Report – annually updated since 1984. Over 20 specific Product Reports plus  Macro & Micro Exec. Summary Reports.


News Corp. Q2 Up as a result of Improved US Broadcasting & Cable Sectors

2 Feb

News Corp. Q2 Up as a result of Improved US Broadcasting & Cable Sectors

News Corporation reported second quarter total segment operating income(1) of $1.29 billion compared with $712 million of total segment operating income reported a year ago. The prior year’s second quarter results included a $500 million litigation settlement charge at the Company’s integrated marketing services business, which is part of the Publishing segment. Excluding this charge, second quarter segment operating profit increased 6% over the prior year. This growth reflects significant profit increases at the Cable Network Programming and Television segments, partially offset by decreases at the Filmed Entertainment and Other segments.

Video Recorders (Analog & Digital) a $1.66 billion market in 2011

2 Feb

Video Recorders (Analog & Digital) a $1.66 billion market in 2011

SCRI International has combined the VTR/VPR (Videotape Recorder/Player) category with the emerging disk and file-based video recorders (VDRs). This is in response to the dramatic drop off of tape-based video recorders. We will now track all video recorders in this combined category.

CEOs’ Confidence Restored to Pre-Crisis Levels as Recession Woes Wane

27 Jan

CEOs’ Confidence Restored to Pre-Crisis Levels as Recession Woes Wane

According to a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, CEO’s across the board have honed their cost discipline during the recession, and maintained a patient optimism about their post-crisis growth prospects. Sure enough, things got better. Now, they’re setting their sights on more immediate growth—as evidenced by the big jump in 12-month revenue growth prospects in this year’s PWC CEO Survey. Confidence levels are rising virtually across the board—whether broken down by location, sector, or size.

3D, Large Single Sensor, 4K — Camera Trends 2011!

13 Jan

3D, Large Single Sensor, 4K — Camera Trends 2011!

The following is an excerpt from an article by James Mathers in the most recent Digital Cinema Society Newsletter. James is a co-founder of the DCS and is also a SCRI consultant.

So, 2010 did not turn out to be “The Year of 3D,” but maybe 2011 will have a better shot. Most studio tent pole releases are now shooting in Stereo, and major filmmaking talent have embraced 3D. These, to name only a few, include Martin Scorsese with “Hugo Cabret,” Ridley Scott with a SciFi movie some are calling a prequel to “Alien,” Rob Marshall on “Pirates of the Caribbean 4,” Marc Webb with “Spider-Man 4,” and Peter Jackson with “The Hobbit.” And I can tell you, having seen it, that the 3D BluRay release of “Avatar” is awesome. They have painstakingly remastered the stereo for the smaller screen with the supervision of James Cameron, and have actually pushed the 3D effects much further than the theatrical release, which will leave no one disappointed. Now that’s the 3D I’m talkin‘ about. As evidenced by several patents filed by Apple, there is also a lot of progress being made in auto-stereography, especially in displays. It will be nice but it is still in the future.

2011 – 2012 Video Camera Reports

6 Jan

2011 – 2012 Video Camera Reports

Video cameras are experiencing unrivaled growth in the next couple years. Much of the projected stealth is motivated by the newest technologies in 3D, HD and HDSLR camera systems.

Technology has been a serious impetus to the new found zeal. A cadre of vendors are stepping up with the newest technologies, accounting for the greater camera adoption rates.