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8 Jan

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SCRI International Inc., in partnership with IMAS Publishing China, conducted a comprehensive survey of broadcast and production facilities in China in late 2013. The results of the survey are available in the China Broadcast Pro Video Report. Here are some of the results.

Technology Trends – File-Based Workflows

About one in three facilities are already using file-based workflows (30.3%), with another 20% expecting to do so by the end of 2014. About three in ten facilities are unsure when they might switch to file-based workflows.

How does this compare with the US and Rest of World?

In a recent survey among Broadcast Engineering magazine readers by SCRI International, USA (52.2%) and Europe (25.2%) account for 77.4% of all response’s, with Asia  /Pacific accounting for another 10.9%. Canada (4%) and MEA (3.8%) account for the rest of the sample.

With respect to the technology trend of file based workflows in that survey:

Over two thirds of all respondents (68.4%) are already using file based workflows in their facilities.  By the end of 2013, this will have jumped to 74.2% and 78.5% by 2014.

When looking at key vertical markets the numbers increase: about eight out of ten (79.0%) of production/post facilities, 77.5% of TV stations and 70% of cable stations are already using file based workflows.

So China is lagging behind in the area of using file-based workflows – 33% currently using in China compared to 69& in USA and Rest of World.

Over a third of all responding facilities were TV Stations / Networks / Combination Stations (26.9%), followed by equipment dealers / distributors / suppliers (21.3%), Government / Education / Program Producers (20.8%) and Production / Post  (12.6%) rounding out the tope four verticals and accounting for over 90% of the sample composition.  The remaining responding facilities were from cable / networks, Satellite / Telecom, and Streaming / ISP.

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