Annual U.S. Broadcast/Pro Video (B/PVM)™ Product Reports

Since 1984, SCRI’s flagship set of U.S. Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM)™ Product Reports have been tracking market size, by vertical user market, brand shares, product trends, analysis and forecasts for twenty four different product types. Data for the reports is based on extensive end-user surveys among US broadcast and pro video facilities across eight vertical end user markets.

A typical SCRI Broadcast / Pro Video Product Report provides quantitative data, based on extensive annual primary research surveys of broadcast and pro video facilities in each of the following end-user vertical markets: broadcast television stations, cable television stations, post production facilities (video and film), video production and multimedia facilities, corporate and institutional video facilities (government, educational, medical).

Data is compiled via SCRI online surveys and tabulated in-house using SPSS software to produce extensive data tables and charts. SCRI incorporates proprietary predictive modeling programs to deliver statistically reliable projections and forecasts (see SCRI Research Methodology )

The approximately 10-15 page report commences with a detailed written analysis of the total category as well as of each individual vertical end-user market, adding insightful analysis and forecasts to the quantitative data tables. The written analysis is followed by the quantitative data tables and charts. A sample Product Report is available on request (use email link at bottom of page).

Broadcast/Pro Video (B/PVM) Product Report: Table of contents:

A: Written Analysis

  • Category Overview
  • Vertical Market Analysis
  • Analysis of Product Type (formats, price ranges etc)
  • Brand Share & Competitive Analysis
  • Future Forecast

B: Broadcast/Pro Video (B/PVM) Product Quantitative Data : Last Year; Current Year; Next Year

  • All Data Shown in Total & by Vertical End-User Market
  • Total Facilities i.e. Universe Size
  • Facilities Purchasing i.e. Market Penetration
  • Units Purchased
  • Market Value ($)
  • Average Price

Vertical End User Markets for Broadcast/Pro (B/PVM) Product Reports:

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television
  • Video Production / Film Production
  • VideoPost Production/ Film Post Production
  • Corporate Video
  • Institutional Video including Government Video, Educational Video, Medical Video

Broadcast/Pro Video (B/PVM)™ Product Reports are available for:

  • Video Camcorders
  • Video Cameras
  • Camera Mounting Systems
  • Character Generators
  • Clip / Still Stores
  • Composite/Component Encoders/Decoders Report
  • Digital Effects Processors
  • Graphics & Effects Software
  • Graphics & Effects Workstations
  • Master Control Switchers
  • Non-Linear Editing Systems
  • Production/Post Switchers
  • RAID Video Storage
  • Routing Switchers
  • Standards / Formats Convertors
  • TBC’s / Frame Synchronizers
  • Telecine Equipment
  • Terminal Equipment – A/D’s, DAs, Proc. Amps, etc.
  • Up/Down Converters
  • Video Compression Encoders/Decoders/Transcoders
  • Video Recorders
  • Video Monitors
  • Video Servers
  • Video Test & Measurement


  • $1,450 for Single Product Reports
  • Discounts for Multiple Product Report Purchases – email us for a quote
  • FULL SET — All 25 Product Reports plus Exec. Summaries (Micro & Macro) – $19,500
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted (Amex, MasterCard, Visa)


  • Via e-mail as attached Adobe PDF file.
  • To order or for more information, contact SCRI at: