Custom Research

Custom Research for Individual Clients

SCRI has conducted hundred of proprietary studies which are custom designed to meet the requirements of specific clients. These studies include research into new technologies such as HDTV, DSLR & HDSLR Cameras, 3D Stereoscopic, mobile TV, post production trends, digital signage and display technologies, file-based workflows, IPTV as well as studies on the feasibility of new products, new product launches, competitive analyses, new market studies, etc.

Typically these custom projects are comprised of one or more of three phases:

Phase One: Online Research

SCRI undertakes a comprehensive search of all online research sources including company websites, as well as user groups, blogs and SCRI online newsletters and reports. This phase is designed to pull together all the existing information on the subject under study. The information is presented in a report, sorted by subject areas and pulled together with an Executive Summary of the Findings.

Phase Two: Qualitative Interviews

Based on the finding on phase one, SCRI determines the key areas to be probed via interviews with relevant sources identified in phase one. SCRI will usually use one or more of our team of on-call industry leading consultants for this phase – see SCRI Consultants. The finding of each interview is written up for presentation to the client along with a detailed Executive Summary addressing all of the key issues.

Phase Three: Quantitative Interviews

Based on the finding on phases one and two, SCRI will construct a survey with a combination of closed-end and open-ended questions to be completed by a representative sampling of the target market, large enough to be statistically reliable & projectable to the user base. A variety of statistical procedures may be employed depending on the type of project e.g. conjoint analysis for a study on the importance of specific product features; correlation analysis to determine which factors are related in the decision making process to purchase; forecasting models to project the survey results to the total marketplace. Here again SCRI relies on experts in the field (see section on Consultants). This phase serves to quantify all of the hypotheses and key issues uncovered in phases one and two. The final report consists of a write of the survey findings, and an Executive Summary with strategy recommendations, based on the findings.

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