Routing switchers will grow by over $25 million through 2013

17 May

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Routing switchers will grow by over $25 million through 2013. SCRI International reports a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.25% for this product category for the three-year period surveyed.  This according to SCRI’s 2012-2013 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace Reports which track over 20 product types and report on brand shares, key trend and market size & growth, by vertical market (broadcast tv, cable tv, video / film production, post production, corporate and institutional video ( government,educational and medical).

Manufacturers will continue to upgrade and hybridize routing switcher combinations as producers/engineers demand better ways for signal distribution on different standards and data rates. Deflated pricing will dominate the marketplace as more marketers offer routers that accommodate post to live-on-air applications, and hybridized units that contain a smaller footprint for smaller facility matrixes. Flexible, scalable and multi-format will be the catch phrases of marketers as they develop devices that have full-featured functionality, adaptability and miniaturization, at the best price point.

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