HPA Tech Retreat – 4K, Higher Frame Rates, Cloud-Based Production and more

11 Feb

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Mark Schubin, technology guru and chair of the HPA (Hollywood Post Alliance)  Technology Retreat, will be chairing the upcoming HPA Retreat commencing Feb. 18. Here is a brief description he sent us.

The HPA Tech Retreat begins on Monday, February 18, in warm, dry Indian Wells, California (Palm Springs area) with a Charles Poynton seminar on the technical aspects of high(er) frame rates, followed the next day by an ATSC seminar on managing loudness and an HPA “super session” covering experience producing TV shows in 4K (and beyond), object-based sound design & mixing, large-format cinemas, where 24-fps came from, how “The Hobbit” was created, and other subjects in the “More, Bigger, but Better?” category.

Technology demos open that afternoon, with some 60organizations represented, including some you might not have heard of before, including Actual Customer Behaviour, Audionamix, BDXL Archive, Dyle Mobile TV, and isovideo, and others that you might have, from Adobeto ZOO Digital.

Wednesday morning starts with the first batch of some 60 breakfast roundtables (thus far) covering subjects as diverse as lampless projection, viewer behavior, multichannel audio, the latest standards, archiving, color grading, the workforce, brightness, legislation & regulation, and private and public clouds.

Then comes the main program, concentrating Wednesday on getting programming to viewers, Thursday on creating that programming, and Friday on the future. That future includes lightfield cameras, upconversion beyond HD, and “a new paradigmfor digital cinema.” Other highlights include the experience of shooting the London Olympics in 8K, viewer preferences for dynamic range, the latest on ACES and IMF, what comes after file-based workflows, and the world’s oldest animation.

The complete program may be found here: http://www.hpaonline.com/2013-program.

People have been turned away in the past, so, if you’re interested, don’t delay.

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