Growth in Broadcast / Pro Video Graphic Workstations

5 Mar

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According to SCRI’s just released 2012-2013 Broadcast/Pro Video Graphics Workstations Report, Graphic Workstations (GWs) continue to grow at a reasonable rate over the next three years, registering a marginal compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.09% by 2013. SCRI International projects a total of 42.6% of all six professional video/television markets will purchase $376.2 million of these devices this year, compared to 41.9% of all facilities that spent $369.3 million in 2011.
The CAGR in this year’s survey is identical to last year’s, reflecting a consistency in this particular product category.
Price depreciation continues to plague this product category, minimizing the overall value in each vertical market. Deep discounts have been the norm in this marketplace in recent years, resulting in more workstation purchases in the lower price range. A steady rally began to emerge in the first half of 2009, with modest increases in overall market values. The biggest consumers have been broadcasters, post houses and cablers, due to their graphic intensive functions, especially in the sports and news arenas, as reflected in the broadcast/cable sectors.

Graphic Workstations is one of over twenty Product Reports published by SCRI every year. For more information check our online table of contents for the 2012 – 2013 Broadcast / Pro Video Market & Product Reports

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