What does SCRI do?

SCRI was founded in 1984 in response to a lack of reliable and affordable market data in the broadcast market. The first Broadcast Equipment Marketplace (BEM)™ survey was launched in 1984, followed by the Professional Video Marketplace (PVM)™ in 1985. Since then these two surveys have been combined in an annually updated report series on the Broadcast / Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM) ™.

What type of data is contained in the B/PVM Reports?

Typically a B/PVM™ Product Report contains quantitative data on market size, growth, by vertical end-user market, brand share & other product type breakouts, accompanied by analysis and future forecasts. Vertical markets include: Broadcast TV, Cable TV; Production; Post; Corporate; Institutional (govt. & military, medical & educational)

How can SCRI offer these types of Reports at such low prices?

SCRI was the first research provider in this industry to adopt a multi-client or syndicated approach, which allows for a larger project budget than any single manufacturer is likely to be able to justify. Hence the cost of the research is amortized by many manufacturers.

Who uses SCRI Reports?

Since 1984, SCRI has served over 1600 clients worldwide, including equipment manufacturers, investment firms, trade magazines & associations, and other industry analysts as well as the US. Department of Commerce. View our client list.

How are SCRI Reports distributed?

SCRI Reports are available directly from SCRI.com and also distributed by several leading online publishers including: Thomson Financial, Profound, Dialog, MarkIntel, MarketResearch.com & Research & Markets. SCRI also has agents in Japan, Korea, India, and Europe.

How do SCRI Reports differ from other reports in this industry?

SCRI uses proprietary stratified random sampling techniques and forecasting models based on end-user data, not on limited interviews, or very general manufacturer sales data. SCRI sample size for B/PVM™ is over 2,500 useable survey responses, statistically reliable within +/-0.54% to 1.58%. B/PVM™ data is USA only – we do not make extravagant claims about “worldwide” markets using limited survey responses. SCRI’s B/PVM™ Reports also include a sound objective assessment of the macro economic environment and how this impacts the broadcast & pro video space specifically. SCRI is a 100% independent research firm and not associated with any manufacturer or trade group, like NAB, IBC, IABM or any other vested interest group

What if you don’t see your product category listed &/or you have a custom request?

Product categories can be added to the annually updated syndicated B/PVM™ series &/or custom studies can be conducted to match your special and proprietary needs.

How are SCRI Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports different than other research reports in the industry?

SCRI is an independent  broadcast pro video research firm (established in 1984) and is not affiliated with any potentially vested interest trade association such as the IABM or NAB, as are some other research providers in this industry.

Nor does SCRI rely on manufacturer provided information as do some research firms in this industry, thereby eliminating any potential bias from any single manufacturer, or bias from not including all manufacturers.

SCRI takes a micro product & vertical market specific view of the broadcast & pro video market space rather than more broad based approach as do some other research reports in the industry.

SCRI provides quantitative “bottom-up” (end-user derived) market sizing product reports in the broadcast and pro video sectors since 1984, Our data is product specific and designed to be used by product managers for market planning. Not broad based like some other research reports.

Also SCRI focuses on eight vertical end user broadcast & pro video markets in the USA across twenty five specific product types, rather than providing broad based global estimates based on manufacturer data and/or interviews, as per some research reports in the industry.