Cloudy Future for Broadcast Pro Video & Digital Content Creation

23 Apr

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The recent NAB 2014 Show highlighted the growing importance of cloud-based workflows and data storage in the broadcast pro video and digital content creation communities. Among the big news at NAB: Adobe announced major updates to Creative Cloud; Avid launched Avid Connect and unveiled the Avid MediaCentral Platform; and NAB hosted the Media Management in the Cloud conference focused on cloud-based solutions. The focus on Cloud is consistent with recent SCRI survey findings which show that data storage and cloud-based workflows are increasingly important to production and post production.

In a recent survey and report, Cloud Usage in Production / Post , SCRI found that Cloud Use on the Rise in Broadcast Pro Video Sector

Key findings include

  • Cloud usage — just under half of all responding vide production and broadcast TV facilities are already working in the Cloud (44.7%).
  • By the end of 2014 this will increase by another 13.8% to close to six out of ten facilities across the board (58.5%).
  • About three in ten facilities (29.3%) are still unsure about the use of Cloud in video production/post, but in all likelihood, this group will come around as the key issues relating to Cloud use currently are solved and addressed by Cloud vendors.
  • SCRI predicts that by 2016 most of the broadcast and video facilities will be working in the Cloud.

The Cloud Usage in Production / Post Report  provides detailed tables and charts on a wide range of cloud-related issues, including:

  • Incidence of Cloud Usage
  • Incidence of Production / Post Activities in Cloud
  • Percentage of Each Activity in Cloud
  • Current/Future Spend ($) on Each Cloud Activity
  • Usage of Video File Transfer/Storage Services
  • Amount of Video Storage in Cloud
  • Types of Software as a Service (Saas) Used
  • Number of Multiple Users in Cloud for Data/Video Sharing
  • Ranking of Reasons for not using Cloud yet
  • Cloud Vendors Currently Used / Planned to Use in 2014
  • Formats & Editing Trends
  • Brand Share for Cloud Editing Platforms
  • Software Suites Used for Editing
  • Video Compression Formats
  • Brand Usage Market Shares of Key Product Types
  • Cameras
  • Post Production Tools
  • Visual Effects Software Solutions
  • Computer Platforms / Tablet Types Used for Post Production
  • Computer Platforms – Mac vs. PC
  • Tablet Types

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