Broadcast Pro Video Facilities Bullish on 2015

1 Feb

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SCRI has just released the Broadcast Pro Video Trend and Product Reports, a syndicated research report series started in 1984 and updated annually for over 30 years.  The Full Industry Trends Report is now available along with specific Product Reports covering 20 product categories and includes detailed quantitative analysis of market size ($ & units), by vertical market, growth by year and forecast (2014 – 2016) as well as brand shares.  The Industry Trends Report also contains a compendium of secondary research on specific vertical markets and the rise of digital media in the industry. This report is provided free to those facilities that participated in the survey — to claim your report please respond to with Survey Report in the header and please use the email that you used when completing the survey for validation purposes.

The outlook in this years reports for the broadcast pro video industry is very positive with over half of all facilities reporting increases in business revenue in all three years tracked 2013, 2014, and 2015.

In contrast only around 15% of all facilities in all three years have reported business revenue declines. The outlook for 2015 looks even more optimistic considering that 25.5% of the broadcast pro video facilities surveyed reported that they were still unsure at the time of how revenue would end up — hence some part of that group would no doubt be reporting year end budget increases which would result in 2015 being the year in which the highest number of facilities are reporting an upturn in business.

Business Revenue trends

Business Revenue Trends


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