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4K/UHD Products in Broadcast Pro Video Space – Market Leaders

14 Oct

“Which companies do you think are leading the way in providing 4K products in the broadcast and video production sector?” This is one of the many questions SCRI asked of a wide range of broadcasters and pro video / digital video facilities in a recent survey & report, 2014-15 Digital Video Production & Post Trends, conducted by SCR International in conjunction with ProductionHUB. WHat do you think? Results follow: […]

4k/UHD Delivery to Clients – By When?

7 Oct

Following up on last weeks post “4k/UHD – Hype or Reality”  we add some new research data on expected time spans for delivery of4K/UHD to clients and also include some responses to last weeks article — we invite more responses to keep the discussion going.

In last week’s post, “we noted that IBC announcements from Sony, JVC, Cisco, BT Vision, BBC and even Netflix (for IP delivery) all were bullish on 4k/UHD ( Key trends from IBC 2014). We also posted some recent SCRI research data suggest that 4k/UHD has taken a foothold in the industry (as opposed to 3D) — almost three out of ten (28.5% ) broadcast and pro video facilities reporting already shooting on 4k/UHD — 2014 Digital Video Production & Post Trends Report