Archive | November, 2013

The HOT Digital Media Production Technologies!

25 Nov

SCRI’s recent 2013-15 Digital Media Production Trends Report tracks the hottest technologies in use in 2013 and beyond among a wide range of vertical market pro digital media users.  Which are the key technologies users are implementing and which are a ways off?


China Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace Report

19 Nov

SCRI has just completed a comprehensive survey of broadcast and pro video facilities in China in partnership with IMAS Publishing, China. The survey tracked user profiles, technology trends, business conditions, products purchased, planned for purchase, and brand shares. View report table of contents

Data Storage Ranks Top of Tech Issues

5 Nov

SCRI’s recent comprehensive survey of digital video users across a wide spectrum of end users tracked the relative importance of technology issues to users.  The 2013 Digital Media Production Trends Report presents the detailed findings of key issues such as storage, formats, cloud-based software and storage,  as well as brand shares for cameras and post production tools.