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Chyron Q1 Loss — CEO Talks about Industry Consolidation

3 May

Chyron’s Q1 follows the same pattern as reported for Q4 (Chyron Reports Continued Net Loss In Spite of Increased Revenue).  Q1 revenue was 7.9 million for Q1 2012 as compared to $6.6 million for Q1 2011; down from Q4 revenue of $8.1 million. Operating loss and pre-tax loss of $1.1 million as compared to an operating loss and pre-tax loss of $0.9 million in Q1 2011.  In the analyst phone conference Chyron CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley responds to a question on the pending sales of Harris by saying that Chyron would go after the Harris Inscriber business and that he expects a lot more consolidation and sale of companies i the industry. Specially he stated that: