2011 – 2012 Video Camera Reports

6 Jan

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2011 – 2012 Video Camera Reports

Video cameras are experiencing unrivaled growth in the next couple years. Much of the projected stealth is motivated by the newest technologies in 3D, HD and HDSLR camera systems.

Technology has been a serious impetus to the new found zeal. A cadre of vendors are stepping up with the newest technologies, accounting for the greater camera adoption rates.

Digital hybrids for both broadcast and cinematography have driven much of camera growth with higher resolution rates, high-end features and digital storage that seamlessly integrate with content acquisition, production and post-production workflows.

The more economical HD hybrids appear to be the camera of choice, especially by the smaller market producers. Standard-definition models are reaching an ebb, along with the outdated tape-based units that cannot compete in today’s digital environments.

This is just a sample of the analysis in the brand new Video Camera Report which sizes the market by vertical end-user type for 2010, 2011 & 2012 (forecast). Report contains brand share and competitive analysis including new products from RED, Sony & Canon.

New 2011 product reports also available now are: Camera Supports (Tripods etc.); Character Generators and Still Stores. All twenty five product reports will be available in January.

For further information on the upcoming 2011 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports contact, SCRI’s Research Director, Desmond C. Chaskelson (des_chas@scri.com).

Digital Vision to acquire Image Systems

Digital Vision has confirmed the acquisition of Image Systems, a major player in the fields of motion analysis and film scanning within the archive, restoration, defense and automotive industries.

As part of this announcement Digital Vision will introduce a new CEO Mikael Jacobsson who steps into the role end of Q1 2011.As the second largest shareholder in Image Systems, Jacobsson has played a leading role in developing the company and , has extensive experience in senior operational positions for various global software companies. He also has experience working with stock listed companies and venture capitals.

Technicolor (Thomson) Sale of Grass Valley Completed — Transmission Business Also Sold

Private equity firm Francisco Partners has completed its acquisition of Grass Valley, which began doing business as an independent company as of Jan. 1, 2011. Francisco Partners made a $100 million binding offer to Technicolor for Grass Valley last July.

Technicolor put the Grass Valley business on the block two years ago. The subsequent transaction with Francisco Partners involved an $80 million promissory note issued to Technicolor, with a six-year maturity bearing 5 percent interest. Technicolor agreed to contribute €20 million (US$25.9 million) cash for ongoing operations, and maintain the right to receive “additional consideration” based on a potential future sale.

Technicolor has also received a fully documented binding offer from PARTER Capital Group, a private equity investment consultancy firm based in Germany, focused on traditional technology driven industries, for the acquisition of the Transmission business, operating under the Thomson Broadcast brand.

As announced in early 2010, the Grass Valley perimeter has been reorganized in three distinct activities: broadcast, transmission and head-end, and is undergoing a restructuring launched end of March 2010. With regard to the Broadcast activity, the sale to Francisco Partners was announced on July 26, 2010.

The Transmission activity provides transmission products for terrestrial television and radio. With 291 employees operating in 5 countries, this activity recorded revenues of about 43 million Euros in 2009. In 2009, before restructuring, the Transmission activity accounted for 11% of the total Grass Valley perimeter revenues and 26% of the operating loss. For further information contact SCRI’s Research Director, Desmond C. Chaskelson (des_chas@scri.com).

2011 – 2012 Broadcast/Pro Video Product Reports (25):

Updated SCRI Reports will be available in early 2011 Product Reports with Market Sizing and Brand Shares are available for the following Products:
Video Camcorders; ;Video Cameras; Camera Mounting Systems; Character Generators; Clip / Still Stores; Composite/Component Encoders; Digital Effects Processors; Graphics & Effects Software; Graphics & Effects Workstations; Master Control Switchers; Non-Linear Editing Systems; Production/Post Switchers; RAID Video Storage; Routing Switchers; Standards / Formats Convertors; TBC’s / Frame Synchronizers; Telecine Equipment; Terminal Equipment; Up/Down Converters; Video Compression Encoders; Video Disk Recorders; Video Monitors; Video Servers; Video Test & Measurement; VTRs

For further information on the upcoming 2011 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports contact, SCRI’s Research Director, Desmond C. Chaskelson (des_chas@scri.com).

How are SCRI Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports different than other research reports in the industry?

SCRI is an independent broadcast pro video research firm (established in 1984) and is not affiliated with any potentially vested interest trade association such as the IABM or NAB, as are some other research providers in this industry.

Nor does SCRI rely on manufacturer provided information as do some research firms in this industry, thereby eliminating any potential bias from any single manufacturer, or bias from not including all manufacturers.

SCRI takes a micro product & vertical market specific view of the broadcast & pro video market space rather than more broad based approach as do some other research reports in the industry.

SCRI provides quantitative “bottom-up” (end-user derived) market sizing product reports in the broadcast and pro video sectors since 1984, Our data is product specific and designed to be used by product managers for market planning. Not broad based like some other research reports.

Also SCRI focuses on eight vertical end user broadcast & pro video markets in the USA across twenty five specific product types, rather than providing broad based global estimates based on manufacturer data and/or interviews, as per some research reports in the industry.

© 1984 – 2011 SCRI – SCRI INTERNATIONAL, INC (info@scri.com). SCRI is an independent research and news organization providing market research reports and objective coverage of the broadcast and pro video sector and all major trade shows, including NAB and IBC, since 1984. SCRI and is not affiliated with any trade organization or manufacturer.
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