Where the Professional Broadcast/Cabler/Production Market is Going

15 Apr

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Where the Professional Broadcast/Cabler/Production Market is Going

The following is an excerpt from the 2011-2012 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM) ™ Macro Industry Overview Report, released by SCRI at NAB in Las Vegas earlier this month. The full 50 page report is available for $495. Contact info@scri.com for more info or to order.

Technological innovation is predicted to be the tour de force in 2011 for both the film and video industries. Major changes have occurred in the camera, NLE, 3D and mobile DTV markets. RED, ARRI and HDSLR cameras are poised to take center stage this year with new product introductions. Digital innovations and infrastructure changes have confronted virtually every vertical market, with dwindling ad revenues in terrestrial broadcast. Smarter management paradigms are shoring up many station/network numbers and increasing survivability. Manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with a cornucopia of technical options.

A large growth area will definitely emerge in the software area as customers demand products that extend and leverage their IT departments. Standardization and open-platform architectures are becoming the norm for cost containment and budget maximization. As Gray Television VP of Technology Jim Ocon said last year, broadcasters are looking for “pragmatic solutions” in broadcast technology. Gone are the days when stations in middle markets are interested in purchasing expensive servers, content storage or acquisition gear. Ocon says minimization of bandwidth and storage are key issues as are cloud computing solutions like online graphics systems, and IP-based video backhaul.

Manufacturers will need to accommodate legacy infrastructures to sell their new products to broadcasters, cablers and producers alike. File-based workflows are a big area of investment for broadcasters as they streamline their programming ingest and output. Products that accommodate the convergence between broadcast TV and Web video are also a large growth area. Television stations are also demanding more in the HD arena as they transition local news operations to HD architectures. Cameras are a big item this year. According to Oliver Peters who wrote Post Trends for 2011, RED is ready to debut the first production models of their new Epic camera, while ARRI will gain force with its Alexa camcorder. Peters predicts serious competition to Canon and Nikon from Sony and Panasonic which are offering large sensor, interchangeable lens camcorders. Large Single Sensor digital cinema cameras (LSS) are poised to take center stage.

Lower prices in higher-end NLE systems are likely to gain prominence, along with 64-bit processing and new business models. Adobe has pushed the performance envelope with 64-bit operation and NVIDIA CUDA GPU processing technology. Grass Valley and Sony have also introduced new versions of their EDIUS and Vegas Pro NLEs. It will be interesting to see what these companies do in 2011. Peters is predicting that Apple will unveil a new Final Cut Studio version sometime in 2012 with components that link into the Mac OS X 10.7 that recently previewed. Peters has suggested two “wild cards” to watch are EditShare and The Foundry with their respective Lightworks editor and STORM. Lightworks is an open source product, while STORM is a Mac-based finishing tool designed for RED media.

For the storage market, there will be a growth in solid state disk (SSD) versus mechanical disk storage. They have a better life expectancy, are cheaper, smaller and shock resistant. They offer a much more robust solution and have a lower failure rate. Certainly, storage is a large market in this year’s SCRI survey for many devices that include RAID, video servers and other archival products.

24 New Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Product Reports available!

The new 2011-12 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Product Reports released at NAB in Las Vegas earlier this month, are now available. The B/PVM series was established in 1984 and is updated annually via extensive quantitative surveys of end users, incorporating proprietary SCRI predictive modeling techniques developed over the years.

Product Reports with Market Sizing and Brand Shares are available for the following Products:

Video Camcorders; ;Video Cameras; Camera Mounting Systems; Character Generators; Clip / Still Stores; Composite/Component Encoders; Digital Effects Processors; Graphics & Effects Software; Graphics & Effects Workstations; Master Control Switchers; Non-Linear Editing Systems; Production/Post Switchers; RAID Video Storage; Routing Switchers; Standards / Formats Convertors; TBC’s / Frame Synchronizers; Telecine Equipment; Terminal Equipment; Up/Down Converters; Video Compression Encoders; Video Recorders; Video Monitors; Video Servers; Video Test & Measurement;

For further information on the 2011-12 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports contact, info@scri.com.

How are SCRI Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports different than other research reports in the industry?

SCRI is an independent broadcast pro video research firm (established in 1984) and is not affiliated with any potentially vested interest trade association such as the IABM or NAB, as are some other research providers in this industry.

Nor does SCRI rely on manufacturer provided information as do some research firms in this industry, thereby eliminating any potential bias from any single manufacturer, or bias from not including all manufacturers.

SCRI takes a micro product & vertical market specific view of the broadcast & pro video market space rather than more broad based approach as do some other research reports in the industry.

SCRI provides quantitative “bottom-up” (end-user derived) market sizing product reports in the broadcast and pro video sectors since 1984, Our data is product specific and designed to be used by product managers for market planning. Not broad based like some other research reports.

Also SCRI focuses on eight vertical end user broadcast & pro video markets in the USA across twenty five specific product types, rather than providing broad based global estimates based on manufacturer data and/or interviews, as per some research reports in the industry.

© 1984 – 2011 SCRI – SCRI INTERNATIONAL, INC (info@scri.com). SCRI is an independent research and news organization providing market research reports and objective coverage of the broadcast and pro video sector and all major trade shows, including NAB and IBC, since 1984. SCRI and is not affiliated with any trade organization or manufacturer.
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