Video Recorders Market Forecast to Drop in Value

13 Mar

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SCRI’s new, 2012-2013 Video Recorders report shows that video recorders are experiencing a formidable drop in overall market value over the next three years. SCRI International predicts a compound annual rate decrease (CARD) of -5.20%.for the three-year period surveyed.

Much of this market demise is due to the death of tape-based recording in favor of hard-disk recorders. Videotape has been ousted from both camcorders and studio production suites. Video servers are gaining even more prominence in the production suite than other recording equipment. Producers today really are not mourning the loss of the videotape recorder. Tape workflows are inherently slower, adding delay to production processes. Digital alternatives are the status quo of the production suite. Today’s fast-turnaround productions require fluid workflows that are supported by linear systems and servers. Often, post production is done during production, while a live show is still being aired. Production cycles with this kind of immediacy require a linear or digital system to accomplish editing on the fly and better throughput for time sensitive programming.

Video Recorders is one of over twenty Product Reports published by SCRI every year. For more information check our online table of contents for the 2012 – 2013 Broadcast / Pro Video Market & Product Reports

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