Video Recorders (Analog & Digital) a $1.66 billion market in 2011

2 Feb

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Video Recorders (Analog & Digital) a $1.66 billion market in 2011

SCRI International has combined the VTR/VPR (Videotape Recorder/Player) category with the emerging disk and file-based video recorders (VDRs). This is in response to the dramatic drop off of tape-based video recorders. We will now track all video recorders in this combined category.

SCRI survey data shows that in 2011, all end user facilities will spend a total of $1.66 billion on video recorder devices.

Digital recording is the format of preference as analog recording devices slowly recede into the background. Tape-based devices will continue to linger for archival and transfer of legacy material. Video disk recorders will gain prominence for conversion, recording and playback. Their role is essential in asset and data flow management, throughput, recording/editing, conversion and archival for SD/HD, MPEG, 3D and metadata. Both hard drive and optical disk will remain very important in the production chain.

Recorders that support high-data transfer rates and shorter editing times will lower production costs in all facilities. Interoperability with NLEs and video servers will make future devices indispensable. Multi-format recorders will need to support high quality random access rates, faster than real-time file transfers, along with central storage and metadata support. Both compressed and uncompressed video with little signal loss will also be devices of choice.

For further information on the 2011-12 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports contact, SCRI’s Research Director, Desmond C. Chaskelson ( ).

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20 out of the 24 New Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Product Reports are already available, with the remaining due by the end of the month. The B/PVM series was established in 1984 and is updated annually via extensive quantitative surveys of end users, incorporating proprietary SCRI predictive modeling techniques developed over the years.

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For further information on the 011-12 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports contact, SCRI’s Research Director, Desmond C. Chaskelson (
How are SCRI Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Reports different than other research reports in the industry?

SCRI is an independent broadcast pro video research firm (established in 1984) and is not affiliated with any potentially vested interest trade association such as the IABM or NAB, as are some other research providers in this industry.

Nor does SCRI rely on manufacturer provided information as do some research firms in this industry, thereby eliminating any potential bias from any single manufacturer, or bias from not including all manufacturers.

SCRI takes a micro product & vertical market specific view of the broadcast & pro video market space rather than more broad based approach as do some other research reports in the industry.

SCRI provides quantitative “bottom-up” (end-user derived) market sizing product reports in the broadcast and pro video sectors since 1984, Our data is product specific and designed to be used by product managers for market planning. Not broad based like some other research reports.

Also SCRI focuses on eight vertical end user broadcast & pro video markets in the USA across twenty five specific product types, rather than providing broad based global estimates based on manufacturer data and/or interviews, as per some research reports in the industry.

© 1984 – 2011 SCRI – SCRI INTERNATIONAL, INC ( SCRI is an independent research and news organization providing market research reports and objective coverage of the broadcast and pro video sector and all major trade shows, including NAB and IBC, since 1984. SCRI and is not affiliated with any trade organization or manufacturer.
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