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28 Jan

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SCRI is running a quick poll on the future of video production/post software in the cloud.  To vote and see cumulative results click here – full report next week.  Meanwhile we report below on two CNET surveys regarding Adobe’s move to introduce Creative Suite via Cloud, and then to cut subscription costs by 40% discount.

CNETs, Stephen Shankland reported on March 30 2012 on a survey of creative professionals which showed that 41percent said that they had a negative view of the Creative Cloud and that 62 percent of respondents had a negative view of the price – at the time, $600 per year for individuals and $840 per year for corporate users.

This had shifted significantly by the December 10, 2012 CNET article, where Shankland reports that nearly half of the 525 respondents already are Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, and of them, 59 percent said deeply discounted introductory pricing ($30 pm) was a “major” influence in signing up for the Creative Cloud.

The article goes on to say that the Creative Cloud subscription is a “monumental change to Adobe’s business.”

Instead of persuading customers to buy perpetual licenses to Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and other members of the Creative Suite, the company is pushing a subscription that grants customers access to all that and more for $50 a month for a one-year commitment. To get buyers on board, Adobe cut the price to $30 a month.

In the pro market, this has coincided with Apple’s release of FCP X, which has not been as well received as FCP 7 by users, and as a result Adobe has been able to encroach on some of Apple’s previous stranglehold on the market.

Of those who haven’t upgraded to CS6 or the Creative Cloud, 61 percent said they didn’t know what they’d do. For those with concrete plans, though, 30 percent said they planned to upgrade to CS6 products, and 11 percent said they planned to upgrade to the subscription.

Of the Creative Cloud subscribers, 29 percent came from CS5.5, 19 percent from CS5, and 16 percent from CS4, the survey found.

The questions remains, will other software companies in the pro video space follow Adobe’s lead. Some already have like Chyron. Will Apple be among them?

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  1. Howard Stein January 29, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    The convenience of the Cloud cannot be beat. Latest version of software is always running on local machine. Storage is essential off-site.

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