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21 Jul

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Article online on Post Production Buyers Guide

Telecines/film scanners serve multiple markets in post production with projects like digital dailies, real-time color/contrast correction, background grading, color isolation and film scanning for video, DVD, SD, HD, HD DVD, digital projection and world distribution.

These devices make it possible for cinematographers to directly control post-production costs by involving themselves with post houses before a final cut is made.

The newer PC-based technologies have streamlined the scanning process, with digital dailies previewed on 2K telecines by cinematographers. HD dailies are also highly in demand as masters for testing to preview audiences. When you add in the newest 3D technologies, telecines / film scanners are simply indispensable.

Post-production facilities will continue to drive the telecine/scanner market. Sales volumes are likely to sharply increase as more demand arises for an effective way to transfer film to digital mediums.

Digital Intermediate will make scanning and telecine technologies more of an affordable and practical medium for the smaller corporate and institutional markets.

This is just part of the findings from The Broadcast/Pro Video Telecine / Film Scanners Report. The full report provides quantitative data, based on extensive annual primary research surveys (since 1984) of broadcast and pro video facilities in each of the following end-user vertical markets: broadcast television stations, cable television stations, postproduction facilities (video and film), video production and multimedia facilities, corporate and institutional video facilities (government, educational, medical).

Quantitative data tables for 2009, 2010 & 2011 show total number of end-user facilities, total number and percentage purchasing by year, total dollars spent purchasing, total units purchased, average number of units purchased per end-user facility, and average price per unit. This data is displayed for each of the six vertical end-user markets as well as for the total across the board broadcast / pro video marketplace.

In addition, charts and tables show total units by format, by price range and by market share of the leading brands.

The approximately 10-page report commences with a detailed written report of the total category as well as of each individual vertical end-user market, bringing the quantitative data tables and charts to life with insightful analysis and forecasts. The written analysis is followed by the quantitative data tables and charts.

In addition, you also receive with your purchase of this Broadcast/Pro Video Telecine / Film Scanners Report, a copy of the Broadcast / Pro Video Executive Summary Macro Overview — over 100 pages of analysis and information on the state-of-the-industry compiled from secondary online research sources including industry news sites, manufacturers sites, as well as weekly online News Briefs and Insider Reports.

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