Sony Goes After RED…the plot thickens

11 Apr

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The RED litigation saga continues with Sony now filing a patent litigation suit against RED last Friday. This follows RED’s successful settlement of a lawsuit in March against ARRI  (RED vs. ARRI Lawsuit Settled ) and the patent infringement claim against Sony in February (RED goes after SONY)

The ARRI corporate espionage suit was “dismissed with prejudice,” in an out of court settlement with all claims, counterclaims and defenses asserted in the case forever dismissed and each party involved has to bear its own costs, fees and expenses.

RED’s February lawsuit alleged that Sony’s F65, F55 and F5 cameras infringe on patents held by RED, even going so far as to ask the court to force Sony to stop manufacturing and selling these products.

In February Jim Jannard posted this to the RED user forum: “Patents are here for a reason. They protect IP. Receiving a patent now means that you have an obligation to protect it… or they have absolutely no value whatsoever.

According to Sony’s website regarding the new Sony suit again RED:

“On April 5, 2013, Sony Corporation (“Sony”) sued Red Digital Cinema (“Red”) for infringing 7 of Sony’s patents in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Sony believes that the Red ONE, EPIC and SCARLET cameras, various digital still and motion camera modules, and various accessories such as the REDMOTE infringe our patents. Sony is seeking both money damages and an injunction to stop the continued sale of Red’s infringing products. Sony makes significant investments into the research & development of technology related to the cinema camera industry and intends to protect those investments against companies that infringe our patents”.

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