SCRI Survey

End-User Survey & Prizes

  • SCRI conducts ongoing surveys among broadcast and professional video end-user facilities
  • End-user facilities responding to the survey are entered into a drawing to win a grand prize – that last one was a brand new Apple I Pad
  • Respondents have a one in five hundred chance of winning a grand prize, since SCRI draws a winner from each batch of 500 responses.
  • Each respondent is also receives a Summary Report of the survey data
  • Survey is open only to end-users in thr following vertical markets; broadcast TV, cable TV, satellite tv video/film production/post; corporate video; government video; educational video; medical video.
  • Survey is not open to manufacturers or other non-enduser organizations, since results are projected to the user base.
  • Respondents must complete all questions to qualify
  • On review of response, respondent will be sent an email notifying you of your eligibility status to receive a free SCRI Summary Report ($595 value) plus confirming your entry into the drawing for the grand prize
  • If you would like to be notified of the next survey, Click Here

SCRI Survey’s now online: