2012-2013 Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators (CGs) Report

Price reductions have been something the market has forced on manufacturers. Declining demand for traditional Character Generators has been motivated by the push toward digital and hybridized equipment. Dedicated black box units are being phased out in favor of computer-based models. In many cases, dedicated system Character Generators purchases have been only a factor of the wear/tear/replacement cycle. Producers and directors are more in favor of open-architecture PC-based units that can perform that same job as traditional Character Generators at a much lower cost. The transition from SD to HD has also driven much of the change, as well as demands for more reasonable pricing in this area as well. Character Generators today simply have to accommodate both.

This is just part of the future forecast for the broadcast / pro video Character Generators market size data and market share report. The full Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Report report provides quantitative market size data, based on extensive annual primary research surveys (since 1984) of broadcast and pro video facilities in each of the following end-user vertical markets: broadcast television stations, cable television stations, video & film post production facilities, video production, film production and multimedia facilities, corporate video and institutional video facilities (government video, educational video, medical video).

Quantitative market size data tables for past year, current year, forecast for next year show total number of end-user facilities, total number and percentage purchasing Character Generators by year , total market size in dollars spent purchasing Character Generators , total Character Generators purchased, average number of Character Generators purchased per end-user facility, and average price per camera mounting system. This market size data is displayed for each of the six vertical end-user markets as well as for the total across the board broadcast / pro video marketplace.

In addition, charts and tables show total Character Generators units by format, by price range and by market share of the leading brands.

The approximately 10 page report commences with a detailed written report of the total Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators market as well as of each individual vertical end-user markets, bringing the quantitative market size data tables and charts to life with insightful market analysis and market forecasts. The written market analysis is followed by the quantitative market size and market share data tables and charts.

Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Report: Table of contents:

Written Analysis of Character Generators Market Size Data, Market Share, Formats and Growth Forecasts:

  • Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Category Overview
  • Future Forecast for Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators

Quantitative Character Generators Data for past year, current year, forecast for next year

  • Character Generators Analysis, by Vertical Market, by Year
  • Total Broadcast/Pro Video Facilities
  • Total Broadcast/Pro Video Facilities Purchasing Character Generators
  • Penetration – percentage of Broadcast/Pro Video facilities in each vertical market purchasing broadcast / pro video Character Generators
  • Total Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Market Value* (in thousands)
  • Total Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Purchased
  • Average # of Broadcast/Pro Video Camera Mounting Systems
  • Average Price ($ 000) of Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Purchased

Vertical End User Markets for Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television
  • VideoPost Production / Film Post Production
  • Video Production / Film Production
  • Corporate Video
  • Institutional Video (Government Video, Educational Video, Medical Video)

Other Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Breakouts:

  • Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Formats, Product Type, Price Range
  • Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Brand Share
The cost for the Broadcast/Pro Video Character Generators Report is $1,450, payable by credit card (Amex, Visa, MC) or PO for SCRI regular clients. Delivery is within 24 hours of payment via email as attached Adobe PDF files.