Why Custom Research

SCRI was formed in 1984 to produce large scale quantitative studies in the Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace in response to the lack of broad based market and product information at a reasonable cost. SCRI designed the first ever multi-client report, the Broadcast Equipment Marketplace (BEM) TM in 1984, followed by the Professional Video Marketplace (PVM)TM in 1985. These two have been updated every year since then, and now are offered in a combined overview of both market spaces in the Broadcast/Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM)TM, updated annually for twenty four product types. (link to Industry Reports).

The B/PVM Product Reports are designed to provide product and marketing managers with the essential information needed for preparing annual marketing plans i.e. what is the market size, by vertical market type, what are the key technology trends driving the market, who are the major players and what market share does each have, and what is the future forecast for this product type.

There are occasions when companies require more detailed information on a part5icular product and/or market niche, and or competitor and/or response to a new product etc. In these cases SCRI will prepare a custom study, tailored specifically around the information needs of the client.

SCRI has conducted hundred of proprietary studies which are custom designed to meet the requirements of specific clients. These studies include research into new technologies such as HDTV, DSLR & HDSLR Cameras, 3D Stereoscopic, mobile TV, post production trends, digital signage and display technologies, file-based workflows, IPTV as well as studies on the feasibility of new products, new product launches, competitive analyses, new market studies, etc.

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