Production Switchers Market to grow by over $17 million in 2013

9 May

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Production Switchers are projected to grow by over $17 million in 2013. This comes in spite of some serious market drops in certain market verticals such as broadcasters. SCRI International reports a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.81% for this product category in all six professional television/video markets for the three-year period. This year, a total of 29.8% of all facilities plan to purchase these devices. That compares favorably to 2011, when 28.7% of all markets purchased production switchers. In 2013, a total of 30.2% of all facilities expect to purchase these switchers. ┬áThis, according to SCRI’s 2012-2013 Broadcast / Pro Video (B/PVM) Marketplace Report, a series of over 20 annually updated Product Reports, detailing market size, by vertical market, as well as brand share and key trends.
Production switchers have come a long way since their inception. Their compact design and multi-functionality today has made them a much better buy and way to produce broadcast quality programming for even the smallest company. Hybridization and open platform designs accommodate SD, HD, 3D and many other types of programming content for ingest, editing and playout. Full functionality is now the rule with the production of high quality images at the end of the production chain. Durability is also a must with so many remote applications in both broadcast and cable programming.
Spatial constraints are one of the biggest considerations for engineers purchasing production switchers. Remote applications also have driven the need for smaller production devices. Therefore it is not surprising that smaller switchers have 77.8% of the market this year, down from 78.9% in 2011. Large production switchers have 22.2% for 2012, up from 21.1% in 2011.
Smartly designed multi-function production switchers that are durable, portable and compact will be the biggest winners in the future. The shear number of remote applications for sports, news, events, and reality shows demand the kind of functionality that only a hybridized switcher can provide. Producers today want the same kind of versatility they would find in a full production suite in their remote truck or out in the field. Adaptability will be the key to market prominence. The rules will apply to all kinds of ingest, playout and deployment for SD/HD or 3D production. The fully featured hybrid that provides a seamless workflow will bring the best ROI for producers of all levels.

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