New 2012 Broadcast / Pro Video Product Sales, Brand Share Reports

28 Dec

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Survey data from thousands of broadcasters and pro video end-users are currently being tabulated for the 2012-2013 Broadcast / Professional Video Marketplace (B/PVM) Reports series.

Early data shows key trends emerging in some of the product categories like the impact of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X on the NLE market for example.

The survey tracks the impact of technology trends on specific product categories. These trends include: multi-platform content delivery & distribution; the migration to file-based operations & systems; the move to IT-based operations and concomitant predicted increase in software sales; the continued transition to HDTV operations; as well as the impact of the stalled growth of the economy. All of these trends impact sales of specific product categories and SCRI’s annual B/PVM survey-based reports inform manufacturers of product sales (past, current and future) by specific vertical user market, as well as providing brand shares and competitive analysis for each product category.

There are 24 specific Product Reports covered, listed here as follows:

Cameras & Mounting
Video Camcorders
Video Cameras
Camera Mounting Systems
Editing, Graphics & Effects
Non-Linear Editing Systems
Graphics & Effects Software
Graphics & Effects Workstations
Character Generators
Clip / Still Stores
Digital Effects Processors
Encoders, Converters & Terminal Equipment
Video Compression Encoders/Decoders/Transcoders
Component / Composite Encoders / Decoders
Terminal Equipment – A/D’s, DAs, Proc. Amps, etc.
Up/Down Converters
Standards / Formats Converters
Video Recorders, Servers, Storage
Video Recorders
Video Servers
RAID Video Storage
Video Switchers
Master Control Switchers
Production/Post Switchers
Routing Switchers
Video Monitors, T&M. TBC’s, Telecine
Video Monitors
Test & Measurement Equipment
TBC’s / Frame Synchronizers
Telecine Equipment

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