MP4 Leads Formats for Web & Mobile Video among Broadcast & Pro Video Users

19 Apr

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A recent survey among a broad and comprehensive base of broadcast and pro video users shows that MP4 is the leading video format used by video professionals for distribution on the web and mobile devices (69% web & 58 % mobile).

For web video, in addition to MP4, the following formats demonstrate strong support from video professionals: Flash (54%); QuickTime (45%); and Windows Media (34%). The emerging WebM format was selected by only 5% of respondents, underscoring its low adoption to date.
For mobile video, MP4 adoption significantly outpaces all other formats: Flash (16%); HTML5 (16%); Windows Media (9%); and WebM (3%).
In addition to the formats selected, 78% of respondents indicated that they use the H.264 codec to encode their video content.
QuickTime Reference Movie was the preferred input choice with nearly 28% of respondents. As with outputs, every major input format was represented, including .mov (25%), ProRes (10%), AVI (9%), DNxHD (8%), MPEG-4 (7%), MPEG-2 (3%), FLV (2%) and WMV (2%).
Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media, sponsor of the survey stated that: “Standardization in online video is still far from reality, which means doing it right can get extremely complicated. It requires the best work of top professionals who can fully utilize and adapt solutions to the many tasks, tools and processes that make up their video workflows.”
These diverse output and input formats highlight the increasing complexity of online video and the imperative for video solutions that are optimized for hundreds of devices, and a multitude of use cases—such as DVD, Blu-ray, online and mobile playback, including adaptive bitrate streaming.
For instance, the survey also highlighted remarkable diversity among platforms and environments for which video professionals are preparing their video content. 89% of respondents indicated that they encoded for the Web, followed in popularity by DVD (67%), mobile (46%), corporate (45%) and broadcast (43 percent).

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