Mobile TV Broadcasting on the Rise

18 Jun

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A recent SCRI survey with Broadcast Engineering Magazine showed that over three in ten TV (30.6%) and almost four in ten cable stations (37.5%) are already transmitting mobile-TV broadcasts. Over the next two years almost half of TV & cable stations (45%) expect to be transmitting mobile-TV broadcasts. With around 30% of each reporting that they are unsure at this time, the actual adoption rate is likely to be even higher as these stations get in line with others transmitting mobile-TV broadcasts.

54% of the close to 1,000 facilities surveyed were from the USA; Canada 4%; South America 4%; Europe 26%; Asia Pacific 11%. The report provides cross tabulations of questions by region and type of facility. The Mobile TV question for USA shows 20.4% already broadcasting mobile TV; this compared to 34.4% in Canada; 31.3% in S America; 25.6% in Europe and 25.8% in Asia Pacific. Report provides detailed data by question.

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