Final Cut Pro X impact on 2012-2013 NLE Pro Video Marketplace

16 Jan

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Nonlinear editing systems (NLEs) will continue to grow over the next three years, in spite of major technological changes that have left many high-end editors bereft, frustrated and storming out of the edit suite. A technologically intensive, changing business model has made nonlinear editing a challenge to both manufacturers and producers, with improvements and re-branding by Apple leaving some seasoned editors profoundly disgusted.

It may be much ado about nothing, but high-end editors are now at odds on whether or not to adopt the newest NLE from Apple in their product upgrades. Last year’s introduction of Final Cut Pro X, which replaced Final Cut Pro 7 removed a number of its familiar features, leaving many editors vexed and contemplating a change. A number of production companies decided to betray the Apple arena entirely and go to the competition, primarily led by Avid and Adobe. Much of this departure was incited by Adobe and Avid who offered deep discounts on their software to those who switched sides.

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