Digital Video Production & Post Trends Report

SCRI, in conjunction with Broadcast Beat, conducted a comprehensive survey among digital video pros to assess key trends impacting the industry and equipment suppliers.


  1. Geographic Region
  2. Size of Facility
  3. Industry Type
  4. Type of content creator
  5. Type of digital content production
  6. By when expect to be working in 4K
  7. Storage type/s used with 4K
  8. Level of Acceptability to Up-Res from HD or 2K
  9. By when it will be absolutely necessary to shoot in 4K for a final 4k Delivery
  10. If not working in 4k – reasons why not
  11. 4K products to be purchased within the next 2 years
  12. Companies considered leading the way in 4K in the broadcast pro video space
  13. If working in SAN, which manufacturers being used
  14. By when expect to be working in the Cloud
  15. Use of file transfer/storage services or cloud-based services
  16. Video formats currently used for acquisition
  17. Which software editing suites used for editing
  18. Formats used
  19. Camera Brands used
  20. Post Production Brands Used
  21. Visual Effects Software Brands Used
  22. Computer Platforms used for Post Production
  23. Tablets used for Post Production

 – COST:

  • $1,750 FULL REPORT
  • $500 per section
  • $175 per quesiton