Data Storage Ranks 1st Among 21 Tech Issues

3 Jun

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SCRI conducted a comprehensive survey of broadcast, pro video and digital content users and tracked the relative importance, to end-users, of over 20 technology issues. Results show that Data Storage is the number one issue facing video pros in this space. The five most important technology issues, across the board, ranked in order of importance are: Data Storage, File-Based Workflows, Archival of Digital Files; Digital File Transfer and Video Compression. The next most important group includes: Color Management & Integrity; Onsite Storage; Data Security; Distributing Digital Content via New Emerging Channels & Faster Frame Rates.

Lagging in importance behind these were: Smartphone Workflow, 4k Workflow & Digital Output, Cloud Storage, Mobile Workflow, Monetization of emerging distribution models and Shared Project Collaboration. The five least important issues include: 8K workflow; 3D Stereoscopic Workflow; Editing in the Cloud; Disk Authoring; and Digital Dailies.

This survey was conduced about 9 months ago SCRI is in the process of updating the survey to track the changes in importance of these and other key issues facing end-users in this space.


Ranking of Importance of Technology Issues

Ranking of Importance of Technology Issues

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