Corporate Video Reigns Supreme

7 Oct

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SCRI conduced a survey among digital media and broadcast & pro video facilities from  ProAV Buyers Guide, Post Production Buyers Guide and Broadcast Equipment Buyers Guide, as well as SCRI proprietary lists. The full table of contents is available at: 2013 Digital Media Production Trends Report

The study conformed that Corporate Video still reigns supreme as the primary application among pro digital video users across the board.

The most common type of media and entertainment content among this sample is Corporate Video related production (48.6%); followed by Commercials (TV & online – 43.8%); Documentaries (42.7%) Special Events (38.5%); & Training Videos (38.4%) rounding out the tope five.

The next tier include: TV Episodics  (35.7%); Feature Films (32.4%); TV Other (28.7%); Short Form Online Content (25.9%) and Music Videos (24.9%).

The third tier of M&E content types, ranked by most pervasive, include: News Reports (23.2%); Sports Video (21.6%); Music/Audio for Video (18.9%); Onlne Webisodics (17.3%); Infomercials (14.6%); Syndicated TV (12.4%); and Gaming (2.4%).

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