Broadcast / Pro Video Graphics & Effects Software Purchases To Increase

27 Feb

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Graphics/effects software will have some marginal increases over the next three years, as 47.7% of all six professional television/video markets spend $111.1 million on these devices in 2013. This is part of the findings of the just published 2012-2013 Broadcast / Pro Video Graphics & Effects Software Report

Innovative, versatile and reasonably priced dynamic graphics/effects software will continue to lead the marketplace. The more open the architecture, the better. Producers will continue to demand versatility, interoperability and real-time rendering. Platforms that accommodate the latest in mobile technologies will be highly in demand, along with gaming and 3D technologies and premium video software that can integrate well in a centralized operation with a multitude of formats. Cloud-based applications will be a tour de force as more editors choose this option for their remote editing. Ingenuity will guarantee the survival of the software manufacturer. The largest appeal will be given to software that can integrate with the largest number of editing systems.

For more information about the report, view the table of contents online at  2012-2013 Broadcast / Pro Video Graphics & Effects Software Report

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