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Mobile Video Mainly Hype re Impact on Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace

All the talk of mobile video delivery is at this stage, still mainly talk. Those that claim that mobile video is "hot" in Asia forget to note, as has been pointed out on the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) list recently, that these countries (mainly China and Japan) have dedicated bandwidth for mobile. Yes, it’s hot, so to speak, but the broadcasters had to deploy mobile services. Hence this does not apply to the use of mobile phones or PSP or iPods for watching video on the move.

John Willkie, a member of the ATSC committee (and most of the subcommittees) developing the emerging US Mobile DTV standard thinks that having a system that will work everywhere in the world – the modulation is the major difference – is a good idea, and broadcaster interest will help drive acceptance in the U.S. However, he goes on to say that the “most optimistic” projections he has seen says that MDTV in the U.S. will increase “watch time” (can’t use ‘homes using television”) by 10-15%. "Even 10% sounds optimistic to me, at least in the near-middle term" state Willkie.

Hence broadcast and pro video equipment manufacturers need to focus on the marketplace as it is now, and as it is projected to grow over the next year or so, before relying on these new technologies to “save the day”. SCRI ‘s recently released (at NAB09) 2009-2010 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace & Product Reports show that annual growth rate of purchases of total equipment (of the 25 product types tracked by SCRI) by broadcast (TV & Cable) and video production/post, corporate and institutional video facilities (govt., medical & educational) sectors has slowed over the past several years.

In 2006, sales grew by 6% over 2005 to $9.9 billion, but since then have slowed, 2.7% in 2007 and an overall negative -0.6% in 2008, with 2009 projected to decline by another 1.9%, hitting bottom. The decline in dollar sales is due to both the tight economy as well as declining unit prices. By 2010, SCRI forecasts an increase of 4.5% in total sales to end users to $10.5 billion. Specific growth estimates vary by end-user vertical market and by product type and are shown by for each, in dollars and units.

SCRI’s Micro Quantitative Data Analysis Report tracks all of this data, by product type, from 2002 – 2010. SCRI also includes the Macro Industry Overview Report which tracks economic fand specific industry & technology factors which impact growth. Finally, SCRI offers 25 detailed Product Reports with a detailed quantitative data analysis, brand shares and breakouts by product type as well as future forecasts.

In line with the tough times, SCRI is offering package discounts and a free copy of the Macro Industry Overview Report ($795 value) with every Product Report purchase.

2009-2010 Broadcast/Pro Video Market & Product Reports @ NAB

SCRI has just completed the 2009-2010 Broadcast/Pro Video Market & Product Reports, updating market size, forecasts, brand shares and trend analysis for 25 Product Categories and a Macro Overview Executive Summary & the Micro Quantitative Data Analysis.

Data is shown in units and dollars, along with average unit price, average units purchased per location, broken out by vertical market type (broadcast TV, cable TV, video/film production; video/film post production; corporate video; institutional video – government, educational & medical)

The significant shifts in the economy and specifically, how this impacts the Broadcast & Pro Video Sectors is a major part of this year’s reporting. SCRI’s special 40 page Executive Summary Macro Overview Report , analyzes key macro economic and broadcast/pro video industry specific issues and their impact on the industry. This report is available FREE with any purchase of a regular Product Report, or is available for $795 ($495 to SCRI Insider Report subscribers).Contact for details.

2009 - 2010 Broadcast/Pro Video Product Reports
(25 Separate Product Reports -- click on arrow)

2009-2010 Broadcast/Pro Video Macro Industry Overview Report

2009-2010 Broadcast/Pro Video Micro Quantitative Product Data Report

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