Ad Revenue Spurred by Online Video

7 Jan

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The Internet Advertising Bureau reported recently that third quarter ad revenue topped $9.3 billion in the third quarter, up by 18% from the year before. Online video is probably the biggest reason total online ad revenues grew by 18% in the third quarter, according to a new report by Pivotal Research.

The report says it’s likely Google’s YouTube will exceed $1 billion in ad revenue in 2012—up from $800 million just a year ago, most of it from US sales. That would mean that YouTube ad revenues would be just about as much the ad take from all of Discovery Communications domestic networks this year.

YouTube alone accounts for half of all online video viewing, followed by Hulu.

It’s YouTube along with Hulu that are taking most of the business. Pivotal says Hulu generated $300 million in ad revenue last year projected to increase to $430 million this year.

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