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Online Video Dominant Video Application Among Professionals

21 Jan

Article in Broadcast Beat Magazine

Recent Research by SCRI Declares Online Video Dominant Video Application Among Professionals

Recent research performed by SCRI International has discovered that online video has now become leading video application among video professionals. The research was performed in conjunction with Broadcast Beat magazine through an annual survey.

Since 1984, SCRI International, Inc., based in Florida, has been publishing annual syndicated and customized market research reports covering broadcast and professional video for equipment manufacturers, investment firms, trade magazines & associations, and other industry analysts, including the US. Department of Commerce.

For more than thirty years, SCRI has been conducting industry surveys and producing reports on the broadcast and non-broadcast, pro video and digital content creations sectors in both multi-client, off-the-shelf, and single client customized format.

SCRI Reports have been used by over 2,000 clients in the industry, including all of the major players, as well as the U.S. Department of Commerce. SCRI data has been quoted in many trade press and general news articles, including the New York Times.

SCRI offers two types of off-the-shelf reports:

 Global Niche Vertical Market & Technology Reports – detailed reports on niche market and key technologies facing the industry. List of reports and links to table of contents & pricing in table below.

US Broadcast Pro Video Product Reports – tracks market size (units & dollars), vertical market analysis, growth patterns, forecasts, brand shares and analysis of major models for over 20 product types.


According to an annual tracking survey among Broadcast Beat subscribers and social media (Facebook and Twitter) followers, online video is now the number one video application across the board of vertical user markets. Online video was ranked first among 19 applications with 48.9% of all respondents. In addition, “online webisonic content” garnered an additional 24.6%. So, when taken together, around seven out of ten facilities are engaged in online video.

Industrials (corporate video), which used to rank first for years (according to SCRI tracking surveys from 1984 until recently), now ranks second with 40.5%, along with television (40.5%). In addition, training videos (39.4%), documentaries (38.7%), special event content (34.5%), and music videos (30.6%) are all key pro video apps.


The survey was global with most respondents (76%) based in the US. Other regions included Canada (5%), Europe (12.6%), Asia / Pacific/Australia, and South America (1%) as well as the Middle East/Africa (1.3%).

Video Production/Post is the primary industry type (59%) along with film production / post (28.6%). Almost nine out of ten facilities are involved in video / film production / post. Other key industry types include: broadcast TV (35.6%), media (31.7%), advertising (32.4%) and corporate/industrial video (33.8%). Of note is the emergence of home-based digital media production in the pro arena coming in at 27.6%. Of interest is the emerging democratization of the pro video industry with over half (55.6%) of all facilities are in the small (1-10 people) category.

In terms of each of 18 industry websites pre-listed, more video pros reported visiting Broadcast Beat Magazine than any other (80.1%).  Creative Cow was ranked next (69%), followed by MacProvideo(66.7%), DigitalProductionBuzz (64.4%), and (64.3%) rounding out the top five.

The survey data is based on 302 qualified respondents, yielding a potential margin of error at the 95% probability level (in 95 cases out of 100) of between 1.9% – 5.8%. Data also includes a host of technology trend issues as well as brand shares for key product types.